Business game Circulab: how to enable circular economy

Context and objectives

Thanks to a fun and collaborative methodology, Circulab allows you to transform your business models, to reinvent your organization, your sector or your territory. 

The benefits for companies are multiple: teams’ awareness of the opportunities offered by the circular economy, additional value-added, collaborative innovation, achievement of CSR objectives, etc.

For territories, it is a way to question and reposition their strengths in terms of resources and sectors.

The Circulab approach is concretely deployed through a series of collaborative games and workshops that allow organizations to take action by understanding the systemic impacts of their business model and involving stakeholders to, for example, solve supply problems, reduce or recover waste, initiate industrial ecology projects or redesign products and services.

This playful approach is very interesting to encourage creativity, exchange and generate innovative project ideas that make sense in less than a day.

The Circulab Network is made up of consultants geographically distributed and with complementary skills. Sofies has held Circulab licenses since 2017, with the aim of broadening its range of skills in facilitating collaborative workshops for its customers and prospects.

We are convinced by this method at the crossroads of several recognized methods of idea generation, business model innovation and integration of circular economy concepts.

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Our certified consultants are at your disposal: Alban Bitz, Anne Verniquet, Benoît Charrière, Federico Magalini et Salam Kaddouh

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