Circular Economy in France: Material Flow Analysis at the scale of the Alsace region


ADEME Alsace, in partnership with the Region of Alsace

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Context and objectives

  • Even if scarcity is not yet felt, water, energy and some raw materials have become strategic factors for businesses.
  • Although several aid schemes have been set up by the regional institutional actors to favor a more efficient use of resources, this study aims to address the issue of the economy of resources in a global way.
  • The Material Flow Analysis in Alsace is an opportunity to communicate the economic and ecological issues and unite the stakeholders involved in the development of a common regional strategy of circular economy.
  • The mission is two-fold:
    • A technical work of material and energy flow analysis in order to understand the way in which resource flows operate in Alsace and identify the raw materials whose availability could be critical for businesses in the region
    • The formulation of strategies to be implemented in order to optimize the use of resources in Alsace.


  • Phase 1: accounting of material, energy and water flows
    • Quantification of material, energy and water flows.
    • Detection of important resource consumption areas.
  • Phase 2: interpretation of the flow balance sheet
    • Definition of relevant indicators for the territory.
    • Analysis of the businesses vulnerability and of the impact on employment.
    • Analysis of the territory’s dependence, or on the contrary, of the opportunities offered by abundant resources.
  • Phase 3: Proposal for actions
    • Recommendations in the form of action plans

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Territorial Metabolism. Source: Alterre Bourgogne

Territorial MetabolismSource: Alterre Bourgogne

Diagram of conventional Material Flow Analysis. Source: Alterre Bourgogne

Diagram of conventional Material Flow AnalysisSource: Alterre Bourgogne

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