Green technology deployment in industrial zones in Senegal

Biogaz plant SOGAS, in Dakar


  • CTCN

Project dates

2016 – 2017

Objectives and outcomes

This project is spread in two activities. The aim of the first activity is to support 5 industries with a cleaner production approach, by:

  • Assessing the resource needs and the potential for optimization of each production phase
  • Suggesting relevant and sustainable solutions to the industries
  • Identifying waste-to-energy projects
  • Reinforcing the staff’s technical skills, in terms of cleaner production
  • Implementing pilot projects with a specific focus on resource efficiency and energy optimization

The goals of the second activity are :

  • Selection of a case study of an industrial area
  • Reviewing the best practices related to this case study in terms of industrial symbiosis
  • Issuing recommendations for the development of future industrial zones, based on the case study
  • Consulting and raising awarness among the stakeholders regarding these recommendations

Expected benefits

  • Removal of barriers hindering the deployment of climate technologies
  • Significant savings for enterprises due to a targeted implementation of climate technologies with measures aimed at improving resource productivity and waste recovery
  • Increased industrial competitiveness and job creation, in turn.
  • Potential to develop a real industrial ecology approach for the design and implmentation of new industrial parks across the country, by capitalizing on the studies and initial experiences

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