Industrial ecology study in the territory of HAROPA – France


HAROPA (Economic Interest Group including Ports of Havre, Rouen, Paris)

Project dates


Objectives and outcomes

  • Grouping of major French sea ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris into an Economic Interest Group (EIG): HAROPA
  • The missions of HAROPA: enhancing the effectiveness of the main strategic port missions, conducting collective actions along the fluvial axis (Seine River), and developing a platform for experience sharing and best practices on various economic sectors and topics of interest.
  • Industrial ecology identified as a priority strategy to revitalize the industrial fabric of the Seine Axis, and support its transition toward a new development model, incorporating the major challenges of sustainable development.
  • Studying the feasibility of a transversal industrial ecology approach, federating industrial and port sites across the Seine Axis.
  • Considering the increased use of the river as a leverage for the development of next-generation logistics and a catalyst to boost intercompany trade flows
  • Initiating a dynamic between industries and project developers in various port sites to implement large-scale synergies.
  • Phase 1: Industrial ecology feasibility study at the scale of the Seine Axis
    – International experience benchmarking
    – Territorial diagnosis across the Seine Axis
    – Evaluation of industrial ecology potential for the Seine Axis territory
  • Phase 2: Implementation of a Strategy for industrial ecology development across the Seine Axis
    – Governance approach
    – Action plan for implementation

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