La Fabrique Circulaire, a circular economy accelerator for SMEs

Enabling SMEs transformation towards more circularity


“La Fabrique Circulaire” is a practice-oriented programme to support SMEs in the French-speaking part of Switzerland in their journey to embed the principles of the circular economy in their activities. Unique to date in Switzerland, the initiative is designed by SOFIES and supported of the Migros Pioneer Fund.



Launched in Geneva in June 2021, the programme is providing a pool of about twenty pioneer SMEs with an expertise during 18 months. Beneficiary companies are active in the sectors of agri-food, construction, manufacturing, energy and services. “La Fabrique Circulaire” aims to expand to other cantons in Romandie by the end of the pilot by 2022-2023.

Programme objectives:

  1. Enabling Geneva’s SMEs to take action and strengthen their commitment in circular economy
  2. Launching concrete circular economy solutions, for example by developing new business models around sustainable sourcing, service-based or sharing economy, life cycle extension, reuse of products and materials or optimization of the environmental footprint at all stages of the value chain.
  3. Developing and leveraging local skills, while creating synergies within the Geneva economic ecosystem.

Programme stages:

The participating companies benefit from a tailored support, adapted to their needs, maturity and value chain. Regarding the environmental challenges, our working methodology was developed in order to foster rapid action. It is based on 4 strategic axes:

  1. Assessing the circular economy potential in SMEs (September – December 2021): on-site diagnosis to shed light on companies’ needs of SMEs and identify new opportunities (activities, synergies, process optimization, environmental impact and cost reduction, etc.)
  2. Shaping the strategy (January – May 2022): adoption of ambitious and realistic objectives to accelerate the transformation towards industrial models or circular services, while preserving global resources.
  3. Co-designing solutions (June 2022-December 2022): technical, economic and legal feasibility studies to get ready for operational implementation.
  4. Developing synergies (throughout the program): build a professional network of circular economy through regular meetings and collaborative workshops, to generate more impact and strengthen the competitiveness of local industries.

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