Pyrolysis technology for Vietnam’s coffee industry: a resource efficient and climate positive technology


  • Neumann Kaffee Gruppe
  • HRN Stiftung

Project dates


Objectives and outcomes

After Brazil, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world. With more frequent rainfalls during the harvest season, coffee drying is becoming a big challenge for farmers, as the traditional sun drying is not reliable . 

The objective was to introduce the Pyrolysis technology into Vietnams coffee sector to provide reliable heat for drying and biochar, a valuable soil enhancer. The technology has to meet strict requirements: can be locally built and maintained, is compliant with international quality standards, can be integrated in existing drying systems and is affordable!   

The outcomes were the following:

  • Research and Development of a new Pyrolysis machine in Switzerland
  • Technology transfer from Switzerland to a Vietnamese equipment provider
  • Transforming the Pyrolysis system into a concrete business case.
  • A successful market introduction in the coffee sector and first exports of equipment. 
  • The technology shows high potential to serve also for different agro-food industries, such as rice, coco, bamboo and cashew

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