Sand recycling study in India: Reclaiming Sand in Patancheru and Pashamylaram Industrial Areas


Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited (TSIIC)

Project dates


Context and objectives

Pantancheru and Pashamylaram are key industrial areas around Hyderabad, India. In both those industrial areas we can find steel foundries (up to 50) that use induction furnaces. These foundries use sand in the casting process. This sand once used cannot be used again without a specific treatment using a reclamation process. For every 1 kg of casting 6-8 kg of sand is used. The sand that is used by the foundries in Pantancheru and Pashamylaram is currently being dumped in the empty plots and along the roadsides.

Through the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. (TSIIC), Sofies’ objectives are:

  • To identify technologies to reclaim the dumped sand
  • To develop a business case to assess the financial feasibility of setting up a common unit to reclaim this sand


Sofies develops a multimodal data collection approach combining quantitative and qualitative information, such as:

  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Field visit, survey of industries, data and sand waste collection
  • Testing of samples
  • Technologies assessment
  • Belgaum sand reclamation plant visit
  • Short-listing of most suitable models
  • Financial evaluation of the costs involved
  • Draft of the Tender Documents

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