Smart Cities Study Tour

source: Swissnex

Context and objectives

On behalf of Swissnex India/Consulate of Switzerland, Sofies India organised a Smart Cities Study Tour to the Indian cities of Bangalore and Chennai for the faculty members of Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).

The one-week study tour focused on the new ‘100 Smart Cities’ initiative of the Government of India, to gain insights on the new technologies & initiatives in the fields of renewable energy, waste management, buildings, transport and mobility, Internet of Things and citizen engagement. It involved site visits and knowledge exchange with domain experts to gain a broad view of the challenges, innovation and efforts that the cities of Bangalore and Chennai were undergoing and emphasized on how they plan to transform into smart cities, as well as create collaboration opportunities between Indian and Swiss stakeholders.

Interactions at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Biomimicry Lab, IIT Madras, MS Ramaiah University, CISCO Smart City Campus, National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Mahindra World City and a waste management field visit were some of the key highlights of the tour, as well as meetings with representatives of the local urban bodies and various other organisations involved in making their cities smarter.

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Visit to a waste management centre in Bangalore city

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