New efficiency record for tandem solar cell

29 août 2016

Sofies in collaboration with the solar PV research group of Christophe Ballif at EPFL and CSEM is happy to announce their latest world efficiency record for a silicon-perovskite tandem cell at 25.2%.

Researchers around the world are racing to increase the efficiency and return on investment of solar panels through the development of low-cost tandem solar cells capable of converting a larger part of the solar spectrum and . One of the most promising strategy today focuses on combining traditional silicon solar cells with low-cost, high efficiency perovskite solar cell.

Dr. Nicolas Tetreault of Sofies was key in developing the perovskite evaporation technique used to produce the near-infrared transparent perovskite solar cell with stable 16.4% performance. Combined with state-of-the-art silicon heterojunction solar cells developed in Prof. Ballif’s laboratories (EPFL PV-LAB, the team led by Jeremie Werner, Arnaud Walter, Bjorn Nielsen and Nicolas Tetreault was able to surpass previous efficiency records and bring this technology closer to market.

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